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Jul 15, 2010

New Economic and Labour Market Articles Published

Office of National Statistics (ONS) have produced July 2010 version of this publication. Topics include:

Characteristics of the underemployed and overemployed in the UK
Uses the Labour Force Survey to examine levels between 2001 and 2010 including the impact of the recession. Underemployment and overemployment represent two scenarios whereby there is a mismatch between an individual's preferred and actual number of work hours.

Explaining the difference between unemployment and the claimant count
Examines why the two measures differ and presents analysis of the groups of people that make up the gap. The article finds that although differences in definitions contribute to this gap, there are also other reasons for the changing size of the gap.

The changing face of public sector employment 1999-2009
Looks at the numbers and characteristics of those employed in the public sector compared to the private sector. It includes comparisons by sex, age, ethnicity, disability, working pattern, education, occupation and earnings.

The effects of taxes and benefits on household income, 2008/09
Annual analysis that provides estimates of household incomes including average amounts of taxes paid and benefits received. It highlights that the level of inequality fell slightly between 2007/08 and 2008/09 for retired households, but for non-retired households it was almost unchanged.

SOC2010: revision of the Standard Occupational Classification
Outlines the major areas of change and the impact on national employment by occupation. Also discusses how potential discontinuities in the interpretation of occupational information over time can be minimised.

Measures of economic activity and their implications for societal well-being
Explains how alternative measures to GDP are calculated and the additional insights they offer for understanding well-being.

Measuring investment in intangible assets in the UK: results from a new survey
Presents results of the Investment in Intangible Asset (IIA) Survey launched by ONS in October 2009. This is a survey of firms in the UK, drawn from the business register to represent the market sector of the economy. It is aimed at measuring investment of firms in six categories of intangible assets: employer funded training, software, research and development (R&D), reputation and branding, design, and business process improvement.

Developments in Services Producer Price Indices
Focuses on the development of price statistics in the service sector and the current plans for expanding the coverage of these indices.

Non-Journal Articles

Wider Measures of Public Sector Debt
This discusses UK public sector assets, liabilities and obligations and developments in reporting these. Indicative quantifications are presented and the difficulties of arriving at point estimates for such liabilities and obligations are described. Proposals for future work are also presented. The article is at:

A Generational Accounts Approach to Long Term Public Finance in the UK
This article presents a description of what generational accounts are and how they might provide indications of the sustainability of fiscal policy. Generational accounts can be used to examine whether future generations may have to pay a higher tax rate than current generations if current polices on spending by government are maintained. Such calculations require forecasts across a range of demographic and economic variables. The article provides the methodological background for work which the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) are doing for ONS to provide a set of generational accounts. The article is at:


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