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Jan 16, 2009

SW Operational & Research Group

Meeting in Taunton on Thurs 22 Jan 2009 1.30-3.30
Category: General
Posted by: Shaun Carter

If you would like any subjects brought up at this meeting (or the SWRIG meeting that precedes it) please contact: Shaun Carter

Location: Western Power - Taunton
Item     Subject                                                         Lead                                              Paper
1 Welcome and apologies                                   Chairman
2 Minutes from previous meeting                       Chairman                                      Yes
3 Matters arising (Action Matrix)                           All                                                   Yes
4 SLIM Local Area Data                                         Andy Dean
5 Discussion on implications of SNR and economic downturn    Chairman
6 Observatory network forward planning           Chairman
7 Roadshows and Seminars for 2008/09         Chairman
8 Self-help/AOB                                                       All
Review of actions and close of meeting            Chairman

Date of next meeting: Thursday 23 April 2009