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Devon Town Profiles

The Devon County Council Strategic Intelligence team has produced a set of 29 profiles for specifically derived geographies throughout Devon.  These geographies, defined as "Devon Towns", are centred around the 28 market towns of Devon including the city of Exeter.  These "Devon Towns" are derived from aggregations of parishes which form both the town centres and the hinterland of each of the individual "Devon Towns" area in question.

The profiles themselves contain an overview each "Devon Town" area and are based on a series of thematic facts and figures which have been compiled to help give a view of what life is actually like in each "Devon Town".  The 29 profiles contains various data including statistics relating to social, economic and environmental wellbeing.

Accompanying these profiles, the Strategic Intelligence team has also produced a set of population and Mosaic profiles for each of these "Devon Towns" areas.  To view each of these profiles please click on the corresponding links below:

The profiles can be found on the County Council's website at


If you have any queries regarding any of these profiles, or if you have any questions relating to statistics in Devon, why not email the Strategic Intelligence Team.